What is your Oshawa?

I write this letter and prose for Oshawa Citizens, for this is the relationship I want.

Dear Oshawa Citizens,

Am I out of my mind because I love you forever? Well I do, and I love you all uniquely.

I have this awareness of heaven on earth, yet I know a neurosis cause by psychopaths leading an imperial hegemony.

I have this realization of democratic choice that public participation can purge the negative conditions and nurture a cultural renaissance.

“Love and imagination inspires community.”

We will all get there when we are ready.
Your soul friend,
Adam Ryan White


This is my prose called, “Inside the temporary autonomous zone”

Inside the temporary autonomous zone
By: Adam Ryan White (adamryanwhite11.wordpress.com)

Why is Tom so stern in his neoreaction to a better life for everyone?
I think Tom has a soreness about unconditional love being a truth and virtue.

William has no fear, William has no shame
A man is a man by his thought-forms.

Non-sequitur fallacy, Slippery slop fallacy
Bandwagon fallacy, Strawman fallacy

A debasement to the value of Spirit
A relationship to dark enlightenment

Are we a hueman or demon?
Are we a soulman or zombie?

Will the sovereign be self actualize?
Will the serf be co-dependent?

Will reality assert itself to Heaven?
Will reality assert itself to diablerie?

Our Existence is Cosmic Intelligence, than proceeds through ALL Substance
And Substance is A Flow of Cause and Effect to the Totality in a Holy Moment

We gather in knowledge, we gather in unity
We gather in happiness, we gather in solidarity

Here comes Magique on a neon scarlet rainbow
A bit of auspice, A bit of melody, A bit of Zen.

By: Adam Ryan White


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What would you react to a hegemony and contribute to Oshawa?

There is such a neurosis in the Corporation of the City of Oshawa.

This neurosis is a cultural fragmentation and system of malfeasance by municipal corporation .

Being a reactionary, I see opportunity to shine light on it and spark a renaissance.

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You are so beautiful to me


In this world, but not of it

I had another ZEN day. For a day to

be ZEN – there needs to be cosmic

variety and awareness. Notably this

evening I attended the 2015 Pan Am

Games Community Engagement Session

at Civic Recreational Complex



I met new people,

friends, and the planners estatic about

the energy the 2015 Pan Am Games will bring;

saying its a sports event greater than

Vancouver Winter Olympics.

All the Pan Am epicness is spread throughout

Ontario and the main city being

Toronto. Its being marketed as

Toronto Pan Games 2015. Pachi is the mascot.


I took some swag, information cards, and

volunteer forms. I glad there will

be two more Pan Am Games Community

Engagement Session at Civic

Recreational Complex, so I can

invite my friends and get them


After I left, I met my friend to

fellowship and make a peace

offering to the Source.

After that, I…

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Repurposed Juice Drums Heading To Big Apple

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Speaking at the 2014 Budget Special Meeting

February 10, 2014
Page 45
Minutes of special meeting of the Council of the City of Oshawa held in theCouncilChamberat 6:30 p.m.Mayor Henry and Councillors Aker, Bouma, Chapman,Diamond,Marimpietri, Neal Pidwerbecki Sanders and Wood were present.CouncillorEngland was absent.Mayor Henry presided. Mayor Henry advised the purpose of the special meeting is to receive input from the public concerning the 2014 Budget
Councillor Neal made a declaration of pecuniary interest concerning any reference to
the Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation as his wife is employed by Oshawa PUC
Networks Inc. and did not participate in discussion on the subject matter.
John Gray providing comments and suggestions concerning the 2014 Budget
Moved by Councillor
, seconded by Councillor
“That Correspondence Item 1 from John Gray concerning the 2014 Budget submission be referred to the February 14, 2014
special Council meeting
Moved by Councillor Marimpietri , seconded by Councillor Neal
“That the referral motion concerning Correspondence Item 1be tabled to later in the meeting.” CARRIED ON THE FOLLOWING VOTE
Councillors Aker, Bouma, Chapman, Diamond ,Marimpietri, Neal, Sanders ,Pidwerbecki, Wood and Mayor Henry
Councillor England
1.Barb Bray Theresa Stepinac , Gloria Cousins and Samantha Smith
Josh Bickle
Adam White
Julia McCrea
Daniel Hammond


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Belated Announcement

In this world, but not of it

On Monday, December 1, 2014 at 10am – I attended the Inauguration of the new Oshawa City Councilors and Mayor. The ceremony began with a “call to order” by the City Clerk; Next was an invocation by Reverend Canon Anthony Jemmott of St. George’s Memorial Church; next was a short speech by David Potts (City Solicitor). He than conducted the Declaration of Office by the Mayor and Councilors and invest Mayor John Henry with the Chain of Office; next the “Inaugural speech” of Mayor Henry; next Motions concerning Council organization: 1. Appointment of Deputy Mayor, 2.a) Standing Committee Structure, b)Appointments to Standing Committees; next was CONFIRMING BY-LAW: A by-law to confirm the City Council Inaugural meeting of Devcember 1, 2014; finally, the closing by Father Bob O’Brien of St. Gregory the Great Roman Catholic Church, and than ADJOURN.

I film the ceremony of the Mayor and Councilors walking in and…

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Buskers on the Street

I enjoy my journies downtown because
I have friends to meet and art scene to explore.
This afternoon, I was walking down Simcoe Street,
and I saw two musicians busking on the bench out-front of Pulse Clothing.
Before I left home, I got a weather warning
from The Weather Network APP that there was a frost warning in affect,
but it didn’t stop these musicians from bring a creative spirit downtown.


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